What our team ride… Eli

Which board model do you ride? 
I ride the Girabbit by Channel Islands 

What’s your height and weight? 
I’m 6’1 and about 82Kg, varies depending on how many times I’ve been to grandmas for dinner during the week.

What are the boards dimensions?
6 ‘ 0 x 19 x 2’ 7 /16

What’s the boards volume?
29.1 litres, having that little extra foam under your front foot goes a long way for us lanky folk!   

What are the best conditions for the board?
The Girabbit is my favourite all rounder, but works best in punchy 4ft conditions. The board has a fairly aggressive rocker so it surfs really well in the pocket on steeper waves, it also has a wider squash tail giving you heaps of drive through your turns. The board has fairly full rails so you won’t get caught out in the smaller stuff also. I ride this board in nearly everything, an awesome all round sled!

Which fin set up do you use ?
I use the FCS ll Large AM Thruster Set. They have a larger base and a fair bit of rake giving you heaps of hold and drive through your turns, the back fin is also a little bit smaller than the side fins giving you a little bit of release when you need it. I ride these fins in all my boards, they work so well in all conditions.

What accessories do you use? 
I use the Creatures Dusty Payne Tail Pad and the Ocean and Earth All Round Comp Leash.

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